About Us


GrantProse, Inc. is a North Carolina S Corporation that provides grant consulting services and training programs. GrantProse specializes in developing funding proposals aligned with client interests and conducting evaluations of those programs.


The mission of GrantProse, Inc. is to help institutions, agencies, and organizations expand fiscal resources with successful grant proposals and improve program operations with comprehensive evaluation services.


Our vision is to provide high quality, personalized services and resources that are reasonably priced and widely accessible to public and private, nonprofit and for-profit, large and small organizations alike. We design our services and resources to help you build your capacity to seek and secure new funding streams and to improve your programs. Additionally, we assist you in developing collaborative networks and new partnerships that optimize your efficiency and effectiveness. The result we envision is the greater good for the most people—whether through the creation of new knowledge, the development of new products, or the provision of better services.


The GrantProse team is composed of professionals with backgrounds in education, workforce and economic development, youth programming, health services, science, and research. We bring extensive experience in grant writing, program design and implementation, and evaluation to every project. Learn more about our team members here.

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