Meet Our Team

The GrantProse Team

William Carruthers, Ph.D.
Bill’s Resume

William (Bill) is president/CEO of GrantProse, Inc. After serving in the United States Air Force, Bill got his start in education as a school psychologist in Kansas. In 1980, he and his family moved to North Carolina, where he was employed as a school psychologist in the Wake County Public School System located in Raleigh. In 1998, he was named senior director for grants administration for the school district. He helped school district personnel secure more than $60 million in grant funding until retiring in 2008. In his “retirement,” Bill has begun his second career and keeps busy with GrantProse, Inc. providing agencies, organizations, and institutions with proposal writing and program evaluation services. Bill has a Ph.D. in psychology from North Carolina State University, an M.Ed. in guidance from Wichita State University, an M.S. in sociology from Purdue University, and a B.S. in astronautical/aeronautical engineering from Purdue University. Bill has a beautiful wife Barbara, wonderful children Seth and Celeste and their spouses Erin and Pete, and four grandsons—Jack, Luke, Emmett, and Silas—who make it all worthwhile. He dabbles in genealogy and has yet to master Facebook.

Barbara Carruthers, Ed.D.
Barb’s Resume

Barbara is secretary and treasurer with GrantProse, Inc. Barbara began her teaching career in 1969, retiring in December 2010. In her career, Barbara has been a reading specialist and a special educator instructing learning disabled, educably mentally handicapped, emotionally disabled, and autistic students, among others. She has taught and tutored students in grades K-12. She has been the learning disability consultant for the state in North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction and has been an assistant professor at Campbell University in the School of Education. Barbara achieved National Board Certified Teacher status and was a certified trainer of the University of Kansas Strategic Instructional Model. Barbara’s Ed.D. is from North Carolina State University, M.Ed. from Purdue University, and B.A. from Russell Sage College.