Funding Research


GrantProse can help make your search for grant funding more manageable and more productive. We begin with a thorough intake process, helping you examine why you need funding, how much you may need, and factors affecting your eligibility and chances of winning funding.

We develop a comprehensive grant search for you that involves a myriad of resources, including proprietary databases and search engines.

  • We document every possibility we examine, so you’ll know which grants we recommend or reject, and why.
  • We narrow things down to a select number of opportunities that represent the best prospects for your organization.
  • We provide you with all the information you need to pursue the best funding opportunities. View a sample GrantProse Funding Briefing.

Want to build your organizational capacity? GrantProse can also teach you how to find your own grants, a service that many of our clients find particularly beneficial.

Looking for grants is a lot like shopping. You need to know what you’re looking for and where to look. Our staff will prepare you to become an expert shopper so you can snatch up the best “deals.” And because the most successful shoppers shop often, building your capacity to search for grants helps you spot opportunities as soon as they become available.

For more information on our funding research services, call (919) 414-5861.