Evaluations of Our Training


Wake Tech Community College
April 17, 2013
Six individuals attended this one-day GrantProse training program designed for participants with novice to beginning grant writing skills and experience. We received very positive feedback from participants, who attended the training on 4/17/13 at Wake Tech Community College. All (100%) were very satisfied with the overall quality of the course, and all (100%) were either very satisfied or satisfied with various aspects of the program. All participants completed the program and earned certificates of completion.
When participants were asked what they liked most about the course, one responded:
  • Various examples. Practical tools and information. Very informative and the take-home information was useful also. Taking time to explain all the important information.


Wake Tech Community College
March 20, 2012
GrantProse completed a successful one-day training program for those with Novice and Beginning grant writing skill levels. The training was conducted in conjunction with Wake Tech Community College on 3/20/12. Eighteen people were in attendance, representing an assortment of agencies and organizations with some expressing interest in learning how to develop their own consultation services writing grants. The evaluations of the program were very positive as shown below.

Describe what you most liked about this course:

  • It was a great “starting point” for those who have no grant writing experience.
  • All the information was very useful!
  • This course was very useful. We were able to ask questions and get real world answers.
  • Instructor was very clear in explaining the material. A lot of examples were given.
  • Instructor’s ability to adapt course to participants’ experience levels.
  • I enjoyed the clarity and breakdown of the outline for the class.
  • The presenter was lively and thorough. The pace of the course was perfect.
  • Wonderful, practical advice.


Wake Tech Community College
February 21, 2011
There were seven individuals in attendance for this one-day training program designed for those with novice to beginning grant writing experience and conducted in conjunction with Wake Tech Community College. All individuals completed the program and earned certificates of completion. All individuals (100%) expressed satisfaction with the program, with responses to the evaluation items indicating they were on the whole “Very Satisfied.”

Describe what you most liked about this course:

  • The course exposed me to new opportunities to access financial resources.
  • Everything! I was able to apply so much of what I learned to what I do and see at my job now.
  • Instructor did not just show a PowerPoint that we followed along. Instead gave more in-depth info with the presentation. Provided with a lot of helpful supplemental information, worksheets, etc.
  • Handout is excellent; CD sounds like a terrific resource as  I begin writing proposals. Like the personal interaction and way he tried to meet needs of the audience.
  • Experienced instructor; the fact that he does grant writing for a living allows him to share great examples.


City of Raleigh
May 28 & June 5, 2009
Two 1-day grant-writing training programs were conducted with City of Raleigh staff members from varied departments and offices and members representing nonprofit organizations working with the City. The training program was designed for individuals with novice to beginner experience with writing grant proposals. Thirty-five individuals in the two training programs completed evaluation forms.

Complimentary comments about the program included:
  • Presenter actually does what he teaches
  • Dr. Carruthers is an excellent presenter and very knowledgeable with grants
  • PowerPoint handout was useful; speakers were very knowledgeable
  • Very informative
  • Thank you for clarifying output and outcomes
  • Instructors were very knowledgeable and entertaining

March 16-17, 2009
March 16-17, a grant-writing workshop was completed with members of nonprofit organizations. Twelve individuals representing varied nonprofit organizations participated in the March 16-17 workshop designed for those with intermediate to advanced grant-writing skills. The workshop program included practice writing exercises. Evaluation forms were completed by eleven of the participants.
Complimentary comments about the program included:
  • So appropriate to my level…my needs. — Best program – the light bulb went on as to how all aspects fit together. — It is better than any other grant writing I have taken…even better than Duke. — Way cheaper for better information.
  • Exercises. It was a “hands-on” workshop.
  • It was equal or better than previous experiences.
  • Presenter explained everything very well – made complicated material much easier to understand.
  • Thank you for an excellent training session. The goals, objectives and performance measure portion was invaluable to me.
K-12 Educators
October 20-21 & November 17-18, 2008
October and November workshops were completed with 85, K-12 educators from across North Carolina. Evaluations of the program were very positive. Seventy-seven individuals completed the end-of-program evaluation, and 96.1% of these individuals rated the program as “Excellent” or “Very Good” on the following items: a) This program presented ideas that are useful to me; b) The presenters were knowledgeable and presented the material well; and c) Materials (CD, $MTM Guidebook, PowerPoint) and handouts were useful.
Complimentary comments about the program included:
  • I don’t feel that I will look at a grant and feel as though it is impossible any longer.
  • I feel like I have a headstart on a grant I would like to write.
  • The CD is awesome!
  • Every aspect was great and well planned.
  • It was broken down into segments that were easy to understand.
  • This training was better than the training offered by Research Associates.
  • Very effective compared to others I have attended.
  • Much better than others I have attended.
  • As workshops go, this was very well run.
  • Thank you for a great learning opportunity. I wrote the majority of my grant.