9/28/15 – Craven County Schools Receive $1.4M from U.S. DoDEA


Craven County Schools (CCS) received over $1.4 million from the U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) for the Strategies for Success program. CCS will implement a systemic strategy of providing all students with in-class supports through instructing classroom teachers and students in learning strategies that improve how students acquire, process and retain information. Examples of learning strategies include higher order thinking skills, summarizing, vocabulary in context, advance organizers and graphic organizers, among many others. Research-based learning strategies such as these are grounded in the work of Robert Marzano and others, around which Learning-Focused (www.learningfocused.com) has built a program of professional development. In the  Strategies for Success project, the Learning-Focused organization will conduct a program of professional development with more than 600 K-12 CCS district and school administrators and classroom teachers at 15 project schools where the military-associated enrollment averages almost 35%.

More than 3,000 K-12 military-associated students will be directly impacted at the 15 schools. Classroom teachers will incorporate learning strategies in their daily instruction with students, leading to improvements in academic achievement and reduction in achievement gaps. Goals are set for the elementary, middle and high school levels to increase the percentage of military-associated students performing with proficiency—at/above grade level across the major curricular areas of reading, mathematics and science.