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4 Building Blocks for New Grant Seekers
Knowledge, Relationships, Reputation, and Momentum

5 Tips to be a More Effective Team Member
Be the first pick for a grant team!

Indirect Cost Rates: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You
ICR. F&A. What does all this jargon mean, and how does it apply to you? Eleanor shares some lessons learned about indirect cost rates.

4 Things to Look for in a Grant Consultant
Got a tough proposal? Get some help — find a good grant consultant. These four criteria will help you recognize and choose the right consultant for you.

The Success of Wake Tech’s Business Analytics Grant Project
When Wake Tech applied for a new TAACCCT grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, the community college was ready to hit the ground running.

Ace Team Meetings with this Simple Grant Writing Tool
The initial team meeting for a grant proposal is full of optimism and energy. To keep the momentum going, make sure the meeting is as effective and productive as possible — go prepared with an RFP analysis.

Data, Statistics, and Where to Find Them
Most grant projects start with an idea. But where does the idea come from? And what turns it into good project design? The answer is — or is often — data. Here are a few of our favorites place to start a search for data and statistics for your grant proposals.

4 Tips for Establishing Better Grant Partnerships
The right partnerships can improve your chances of winning grant funds. But, as NCSU’s Derek Gatlin points out, if you’ve ever found yourself waiting on a letter of commitment the day a proposal is due, you also know the pain of partnering.

The (Surprising) Benefits of Doing a Lit Review
Many consider literature reviews to be a necessary evil of grant writing, but treated as an integral part of your efforts, a lit review can help design, justify, and support your project.

Subawards and Contracts: Know the Difference
The distinction between subawards and contracts is one of the finer points about grants that everyone, sooner or later, needs to master.

When to Say “NO” to a Grant Pursuit
Dr. Lori Brown shares some insights on when to call it quits on a grant-writing effort. It’s not an easy decision, but sometimes it’s for the best.

Four Tips for Building Funding Relationships
Most people work for foundations and giving agencies because they like helping others. Building relationships with funders gives them a chance to know you better, and they can help you more effectively.

Two Ways to Evaluate
“Formative” and “summative” — terms that sound a little technical and, until you learn the difference, a little confusing. But every grant recipient should understand these two forms of evaluation.