Educational Institutions


Many funding agencies provide grants to educational institutions and, conversely, most educational institutions actively seek grant funding. It is also the case that most funding sources have an “educational” aspect to their grant programs. This is certainly true for foundations which often seek change in people…with the change resulting from some sort of educational intervention such as job training, financial counseling, academic skill development, and the like. Many Federal agencies also desire to impact educational outcomes. Varied examples include the Department of Justice which has grant programs for mentoring youth to prevent juvenile delinquency, the Department of Labor which conducts job training grant programs, the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institute of Health which both conduct grant programs for specific educational purposes, and of course the Department of Education, among other agencies.

GrantProse support is tailored to meet the needs of each institution, whether they have extensive or limited experience with developing grant proposals. For instance, faculty at four-year colleges and universities often have prior experience with writing grant proposals and may seek our assistance to edit and comment on their proposal before finalizing for submission. Or, it may be the case that the faculty member needs our help developing the initial draft of the proposal which s/he will then add to and complete. At two-year community colleges, the faculty may have less experience with writing grants and GrantProse support may be comprehensive, helping to develop the narrative, the budget, assorted attachments, and sometimes even helping with submission. At the K-12 level, there can be considerable differences in experience, with larger school districts often having a grants coordinator while smaller districts have no such person. Whether a large or small school district, GrantProse provides the level of support necessary to produce a high quality proposal and get it submitted on time.