Non-Profit Organizations


Non-profit organizations, including community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and professional associations,┬ácome in all sizes and shapes and support many varied and worthwhile causes. Most nonprofit organizations provide human services which is the primary interest for many grant funding sources — foundations, corporations, Federal and State governments — and grant funding can be one source of revenue for the non-profit.

However, some words of caution: Grant funding is usually limited to a specific period of time and will eventually come to an end. The non-profit must be careful to not build up its operations based largely on grant-funding; when the grant funding ceases it may be necessary to cut back operations because it can be difficult to find revenue, such as another grant to continue the program (at the time it will be needed, in the amount that will be needed, with the┬áconditions for which it is needed). Also, grant funding sources generally prefer to provide funding for program activities and may not support the non-profit’s operational expenses such as paying partial salaries for non-profit leaders, rental on the non-profit’s facility, utility bills, and the like.

GrantProse provides support to non-profits all along the continuum of size, from the small two- or three-person non-profit organization to the large, well established non-profits. Smaller non-profits often need extensive support services from assistance finding a grant opportunity, to help writing and budgeting the grant project, to support with getting the proposal properly submitted. Larger non-profits may be able to carry out some of these functions on their own and GrantProse assistance is dedicated to more narrow functions, most often help writing and budgeting the grant project.